2018 !!! Wow

By :Susana Carmona


New year , New Me !!

Not Really lol, I’ll Still  Be A  Crazy Mess In 2018!! I Hope Your Holiday’s Was Great And It Was Everything You Guys Hope For .  Mines Was Lovely  Some of My  Family  Came Over And When We Get Together It Basically A Friendly Shouting Match But I’m Dominican So That Ok And The Norm , I Wanted To Make A Post Showing What I Got For Christmas But The Holiday’s For Me Are A Little Stressful , Being That perfectionist And When Things Don’t Look As I See It In my Head I Have Little Panic Attacks , My Poor Family Lol.

Well ,Here’s Some Of The Things I Got For Christmas ,I’m Extremely Grateful For What I Got And If I Did’nt Get Anything I would Have Still Been Happy .IMG_7609




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