Review : Yes To Cucumbers Calming Night Cream

By: Susana

My Skin Lately Has Been Looking Extremely Dull . Absolutely No Glow What So Ever And Paranoia Has Hit Where I Think My Skin Is’nt Looking As Firm Has Usual (side eye ) , Do You Ever Go Through Those Days It’s All In Our Heads But God Dammit We Must Find A Solution So While Strolling In Target (My Second Home) , I Saw This Brand That I’ve Seen Multiple Times But Never Really Tried , There Was Other Flavor Or Maybe Scents ?? Not Sure What To Call It But The Other Ones Where Tomato And Carrots Definitely Scents I’m  Not Ok With Being On My Face (Sorry ) . Cucumber Seem Like The Most Pleasing ,Im Sure  The Others Are Too , But You Guys Know Me (Princess ) .

IMG_0255The Price Is Quite Nice Only $8 ( Oh Yeaaa)

The Scent  Ok

I  Enjoyed This Product For Only 8 Dollars I Got A Nice Night Cream My Skin In The Morning Was Really Smooth And Soft As To Firm Like I Said I Wouldnt Know Because I  Dont Really Have That Problem But  It Never Broke Me Out And It Felt Like I Went To The  Spa Every Night . I Definitely recommend If Your Looking For Something Give You A Smooth Healthy Glow . If You Guy Ever Tried This  Product Let Me Know What Your Thought Are ?

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  1. What a fantastic post. May give this product a try 🙂 Be sure to check out and comment on my latest post:

  2. This sounds nice! We’ve tried their other products and the scent was too intense! xx, Britta & Carli from

  3. Cucumber is famous for skin relief. Good point ✌💛

    Amanda ♡♡♡ |

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