Autumn Favorite


By: Rosanna

I alway love this time of year,with the different color of the leaves, the crips air,the warm cosy night, but what I really love is the different things that make me feel special. I’ve been really into neutral colors. There’s a few key pieces I tend to gravite towards. I’ve been really loving brown shade of lipsticks, two of my go to lip product are Mac Paramount lipstick. Which is a dark brown with reddish undertone its perfect lip if you want to have a little bit of a edge. The next lip product is maybelline touchable taupe which is in the lighter side of the brown family, it the perfect every day lip. I’ve really been loving sephora hot flush blush. I’d would of never thought of wearing a orange bronzy blush in autumn, It give you the perfect glow.I have also really been into brown nail polish to really get into the season. I love how natural and elegant the nails look especially when you wear rings. I have not taken off my cross necklace, it’s kind of a good luck charm for me, and also go with anything I wear. Its danity and easy to layer.I really love hoop earring !! It doesn’t matter if their big or small. it makes a outfit look edgy .The last thing I have been wearing nonstop is my tory burch perfume, perfect for everyday, it’s soft and long lasting. These are products I have been wearing nonstop throughout october and novemberlet let me know if you guys like these kind of post so I can do this again in december!! And what have you been wearing nonstop for the fall ????


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