BY: Susana



Oh hello there ! Where have I been, well I have been in the process of moving to which we all know is a delight, not !! It has been the most stressful month in year. My family are moving into another neighborhoods and leaving my noisy ex neighbors in the dirt, but on a positive note I thought it would be awesome to give you guys 5 of my best moving tips


1.Relax !! This processs is only as stressful as you let it be. It’s not the end of the world if you forget to go to the post office to change address cough cough “me” you can now change it from the comfort of your home online I think all you need to do is give a dollar deposit.

2.Throw all your junk away. Chip plates, mugs decoration you don’t use and is just taking unessary space in storage. What’s the point of moving if not start fresh, on that note, I’m very OCD about cleaning when I first move in to a new place. My skin just crawls when I think someone use the same bathtub as me, before I moved in I lined all my cabinets and clorex wiped down. I recommend this you don’t know if the last tenant or home owner ever even cleaned. I’m cray I know !!!

3.Paint and repair well in advance, of moving once you have what I like to call home aesthetics you would start feeling right at home .

4.If you have a fur baby like we do make sure to bring all there comfort blanket, try to put one room together and place there toys in there , I personally let my explore so she can scope the place out, she was a little nervous but after she started seen all our furniture and her things she running around as usual

5.Don’t rely on friends ! Sorry I don’t want to be a Debbie downer but this is when they usually ditch you or shut off there phones, get movers way more reliable and if they break anything which they shouldn’t there liable in some way .

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