Pixi + Caroline Hirons Double Cleanse

By : Susana


Back at it Again With Another Skincare Review !

This Cleanser Has Been All Over Youtube !! Btw ( I Have A Beauty Channel  With My Sister Go Check It Out  And Subscribe To Support Its Called” Accordingtobautista  ” ) Back To The Review , Alot Of People Have Been Raving About It , So The Concept Is ,It’s a Double Cleanse. Part 1 Is A Solid Cleaning Oil And Part 2 Is The Cleansing Cream.


I’ve Used This For About 3 Months And Would Say It’s …..OK , Im Sorry To Say This, But The Price For This Drug Store Product Was A Little Hefty , It Was About 20 Something Dollars .  You Are Getting Two Products  In One .The Only Problem Is  There’s Not Alot Of Product In There ,In About A Week There Was Already A Dent In The Oil cleanser And The Cream” Like What !!” The Product Is Decent It Doesn’t Break Me Out And Doesn’t Have A Scent “Which Im Alright With ”  I Still Found Some Residue Of Makeup On My Face After Cleansing Twice .I Just Wish It Was More Of A Wow Product . Let Me know What You Guys Thought Of This Product If You Tried It Before .

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