Review Kate Somerville Nourish Daily Moisturizer


By :Susana

I Have Try Many Moisturizer !! But Nothing As Luxurious As This One. I Don’t Really Splurge On Moisturizer Unless It Come’s In Some Sort Of Set. But  I Kept Seeing This Moisturizer Every I Go , Insta ,Tumblr ,Pinterest Etc. I Have Never Really Tried This Brand because  I Mostly Seen Mature Sophisticated  Ladies Use It.But Let Me Tell You If You’re As Looney As Me For Thinking This Way,Your Missing Out.This Has To Be The Best Daily Moisturizer I Ever Used .

It’s Super Hydrating , And Feels Lightweight To Use Under Makeup. But One Thing I Really Love Is The Pump, It Give’s You Just The Right Amount Of Moisturizer Every Time So You Can’t Over Do It .


I Use It Every Night And When I Wake Up My Skin Looks Radiant And Healthy . This Has Really Open The Door For Me To Try Other Product  From The Brand. Have You Guy’s Ever Use This Brand ? Let Me Know What’s Your Favorite Product So I Can Try Next Time.

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