Battle Of The Skincare

By Susana

I love trying new Skincare Product It’s something I Thrive On ,Well I Thought It Would Be A Great Idea To Do A Series Of Post On High End Vs Affordable Skincare Items.

A Brand I Kept Hearing Was Great For Skincare Was Tatcha , This Was My First Time Ever Trying Tatcha Products I Tried it For About 2 Weeks.The Set That Going To Go Against  Tatcha Today Is Josie Maran .Both Are Seemly affordable Items.

Josie Maran Argan Skincare Ritual Set :

Price – $24 (affordable )Brings a Cleansing oil ,Spf Moisturizer ,Argan Oil

A Little About The Brand :

Josie Maran Is a Natural & Eco Friendly Brand  Most Of The Product Are Infused With Argan Oil  And Argan Oil Is Prized For It’s Healing And Anti-Aging .

(I’m gonna Apologies For lack of Photo on The Josie product But i Deleted By Mistake)

My Though Of The Set

The Set Brings A lot For It’ Price , You Get a 3 Step Skincare Right There ,So that’s Something I Like ,the Cleanser Has A Nice Citrus Smell ,And when Washed Off It Leaves Your Skin Feeling Soft And No Oil Residue , It Also Melts Your Makeup Right Off .The Spf  Moisturizer  is a Spf 47 Which Is Quite High ,This Is my Fave ! In The Set Im A little Baise Because I’ve Use This Moisturizer For Years But What I Like Is That It Doesn’t Feel Heavy On My Skin like Most Spf I’ve try .Now The Argan oil Is my Least Favorite Out Of The Set .It’s a Multi Product You Can Use On Face ,Hair And Body , I Really only Used It On My Hair And Body I felt it Was To Thick To Use On My Face And Tend To Settle In My Pores . All In All I would repurchase This Set  It Brings Everything  I Would Need and I Don’t Feel Bad Using it Because Its Eco And natural .



Tatcha Kyoto Cleanse

Price 27.00 Afforable It Brings Oil Cleanser And exfoliator

About The Brand

Geisha inspire Skincare from japan Tatcha Ritual Brings Japan Timeless Wisdom.

What I Thought On Set 

The packaging Is Beautiful Very Lux,I Was Kind Off Bummed That It Just Brought A Cleanser & exfoliator Like where’s the Moisturizer !  The Rice Enzyme Powder exfoliator was Great ,It Was Gentle Left My Skin feeling baby soft ,The Product Doesn’t Have Any Sulfates& Paraben  ,It Has Pearl Protein Extract that conditions And Balances Your  White Dead Skin Cell.The Cleanser Was A disappointment The Oil Was to Light On My Skin Didn’t Feel Like It Cleanse At All,The Oil left a Oil residue on My skin Granted When I use the exfoliator It Did go away But As A standalone item I Wouldn’t repurchase

The Winner 

Josie Maran Argan Skincare Ritual

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