How To Utilize Your Planner

By :Susana


I’m A Pretty Forgetful Person And I Tend To Go With The Flow Leaving Most Of My Important Yet Boring Task Floating In The Air . So Something I Discover Is That Writing My Task Down In A  Pretty  Planner That I Can Use As A Scrapbook  , And Also Making Endless List Help Me Out  (something about ticking those boxes). If Your As Disorganize And Scatter Brain As I Am ,Here’s a Few Tips That Help Me Out .

  • Get A Planner ( Target Sell’s Cheap Ones That are Actually Really Cute )
  • I Usually Pre -Plan My Week On Sundays ,But Use Stickies Or Page Flags for Things That Are Not Exactly Set In Stone And That I Can Move Around ,Then A Day Before The Event I Write It Down Properly .
  • Lock In Appt. /Bills Weeks In Advance
  • Tidy Up Your Work / Desk Area (This is  Because If My Desk Is A Mess Usually My Week Is Too, I’m More Inspire To Use My Planner On A Clean Desk (” I’m Weird Like that”.)
  • Avoid Over Packing Your Day ,This Would Make It Really Hard To Get Things Done and Tick Off The Self Satisfying Boxes.When I Don’t Follow This Rule My Week  Tends To Get All Scramble.
  • Keep a NotePad With You  At All Times !! This Helps You Out If You Need To Make A Grocery List ,Meal Prep,Also It Helps You Write Down Things That Come To Mind  That You Might Need To Add Later On To  Your Planner .
  • Stick With Your Plans Make Use Of The Word No ,If You Don’t Have Time ,You Don’t Have Time Simple As That .
  • Color Coding ,I’m Really Trying To get Into This One !If Your Visual Person This Might Help You Out .(Color Just Make Me Happy !!)
  • Decorate, Decorate ,Decorate  I Do This Every Sunday When  I’m Plan Out My Week. Think Of It Like  A Scrapbook That You Can Look Back And See How Your Week Was Some People Even Use Themes .
  • Carry Your Planner Everywhere With You This Help To Keep On Top Of Your Game ,(I Simply Can’t Rely  On My Memory )

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